How can training at Sirota’s Alchymy benefit my Child?     
We apply a holistic approach when working with our students. We integrate physical & technical martial arts excellence with positive reinforcement; while striving to instill life skills that will have an impact in the lives of our students. This Journey will foster a confident, self-disciplined and healthy individual ready to overcome daily challenges as he/she strives for Personal Excellence.

What Martial Arts do you teach?
Before we get into the details of Martial Arts styles, we tell our prospective students and families that we teach Self-Discipline, Self-Control, Respect and other Live Skills as the Foundation of our Teachings. On a technical level, the two core styles that we teach are Taekwondo & Hapkido. The synergy of these two styles enables the practitioner to acquire self-defense, physical fitness & inner strength for a balanced Body, Mind & Heart.

When can I start attending classes?
Registration is ongoing. We are open seven days per week and we have students start every day. You and/or your children can start training today! Please contact us now to begin your Journey to Self-Empowerment.

What age group do you offer classes for?      We offer classes for children, youth, adults, families and individuals with various special needs. Our youngest students are 4 and we have worked with students in their 70’s. We believe that everyone who has the Heart to grow and evolve via Martial Arts is welcome at our Martial Arts Centre.

Do girls and women train at your Centre?     
Definitely, our male/female ratio is 50/50. In some of our classes, we have more girls than boys. Martial Arts is excellent for girls and women as it teaches them how to become more self-confident, increase their self-esteem and teach valuable self-defense skills. In fact, some of our most senior and advanced students and instructors are female. All individuals regardless of gender are very welcome to join us and grow.

How often should I attend Classes?
Our Tuition Programs offer unlimited training opportunities for our students. We encourage our students to attend classes 2 – 3 times per week for optimal growth. As we are open seven days per week, students have the option to attend additional classes whenever it meets your schedule.

How can my child’s grades improve by attending classes at your Centre?
Our approach in instructing classes is to educate, inspire & motivate our students to achieve their best in life, including school. As a child increases their self-esteem and self-worth via martial arts training, we witness overall positive changes in them. In addition to constant reminders about academic excellence, each student who is eligible for promotional testing to higher rank, must have their teacher complete an evaluation form. These forms allow our instructors to have ‘motivational chats’ with students who require a little guidance when it comes to school work. Master Sirota also for the past 16 years has been attending his students classes as a Show & Tell guest, educating the children about martial arts, stranger awareness and the virtues of martial arts. We are very committed to seeing your child grow and evolve to achieve their Personal Best!

How long until I or my child becomes a Black Belt?
At The Alchymy, Martial Arts training is viewed as a Journey and not a product or destination. Although, our goal is to instill Black Belt Excellence in all of our students, we also honour everyone’s journey. Our Instructors will guide, inspire, motivate and nurture our students as they travel their path at their pace. Since every individual progresses at their own speed, we do not place a time parameter on someone else’s frequency of mastery. You do have our commitment to instill great technical knowledge and positive life skills in our students. With dedication, commitment and perseverance, we believe that everyone can achieve the Rank of Black Belt!

How can Martial Arts help a Person with Disabilities?
Without any hesitation, we fully embrace the belief that martial arts training does help everyone who is seeking growth within. Master Michael Sirota has been pioneering, developing and instructing classes for people with various disabilities and special needs globally. Our instructors work with individuals with Autism, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ADHD), Down Syndrome, Paraplegia, Cerebral Palsy, Visual Impairment just to name a few. Taekwondo is also a Paralympic Sport and Master Sirota is in the forefront of this development.

Will Martial Arts training make my child more aggressive?
Our teaching philosophy promotes self-control in one’s life. Children, who have a history of aggressive and abusive behaviour have witnessed a great improvement in their ability to handle situations with self-control. Our teachings promote a healthy lifestyle, promoting self-confidence, self-esteem and inner strength to handle and overcome life’s challenges. Promoting aggression and destructive behaviour is absent from our teaching approach. If your child has a tendency to use physical force, please inform Master Sirota and we will create a plan to help the child grow and transform their negative behaviour to a more productive and creative lifestyle. Sirota’s Alchymy is frequently recommended by schools, teachers, therapists and even doctors as a healthy choice for children working with various behaviour challenges.

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