Happy New Year Message from Master Sirota

Dear Students, Families & Friends,
Happy 2018! May the New Year bring you all an Abundance of Love, Good Health and Manifestation of Abundance of Benevolence!
For many this transition is a time to reflect, to practice gratitude and to set new goals for the upcoming year. It is a true practice of closing some doors so new ones will open. This process of self-discovery offered me various platforms to learn about myself and what I have to do to continue my Path towards my personal alchymy – a state of transformation. This past year, I had the privilege to sit on several committees including the City of Richmond Sister City Advisory Committee, the Richmond Autism Inter-Agency Committee and the Canadian Association of Athletes with an Intellectual Disability. This work offered me platforms to learn about governance, volunteerism and teamwork. I was also blessed to travel to different parts of the World to both explore and learn as well as to do work in the area of Para-Taekwondo and Disability Sports.
This past year was stable for The Alchymy, we continued to offer classes for all ages and abilities, provided community events and continued my commitment to enhance the quality of our programs and our instructors. I believe that there is always room for growth and progression and that stagnation leads to mental and physical lethargy. With this commitment, The Alchymy will continue to pursue growth in all areas.
On a more personal level, this past year has offered me platforms to review my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness and commit and stay disciplined to various changes to live a abundantly healthier life. I urge our adult students and parents to to reflect on how you can improve your overall health and make the commitment to doing it. It can be your diet, your exercise program, meditation or whatever you know inside that has to be done for you to live a healthier life.
I am passionately excited about the new year! Plans are already underway for enhancing our curriculum and student experiences, offering additional community workshops and continuing to instill high ethics and integrity in our programs and schools operation. New projects are also in the works for my involvement in the area of Para-Taekwondo and Therapeutic Martial Arts that will continue to deliverĀ  platforms to positively impact the World.
I Thank All Benevolence involved in facilitating lesson platforms for me and my overall growth this pastĀ  year and into the new one. I look forward to working with you in continuing to Make a Positive Difference in our community and the World!
Master Michael Sirota – Principal
7th Degree Black Belt & Master Instructor

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