Tiny Tigers Martial Arts (ages 4 – 6)

Parents… Want to See Your Child become Self-Disciplined, Focused & Respectful? Our Tiny Tiger Program will teach your Child Positive Life Skills while they are having FUN!

Sirota’s Alchymy has pioneered the instruction for pre-school children in Metro Vancouver… being the first Martial Arts Centre in Richmond to offer a pre-school program. The ‘Tiny Tiger Martial Arts Program’ is designed to teach young children at an early age; how to achieve their own personal best.

Emphasis is placed on physical, technical, emotional and mental development of each child. Positive learning skills along with life skills and self-defense skills are encouraged through discipline and positive reinforcement.

This age-specific program for the young child is designed for each individual child to progress at his/her own pace. This age group has an abundance of energy; and this program will capitalize on that and direct the child’s energy into a more productive and focused endeavors. This spectrum will include better listening skills, improved motor skills, acquire interpersonal skills, and be introduced to positive behaviour and proper conducts.

For the shy child, our program will assist them in developing Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem, Courage and Belief in themselves.

Parents, help your child avoid bullies at school… Empower them with Powerful Tools!

The training involved in the Tiny Tigers Program will stimulate each child and promote growth and development in all aspects of his/her life. Our Experienced, Professional, Enthusiastic and Caring Instructors will enable YOUR CHILD TO HAVE A HEADSTART IN LIFE!

With excellent Instructor/Student Ratio, the Pre-School Martial Arts Program addresses the following:

  • ‘Stranger Danger’ Awareness & Training
  • Self Esteem
  • Self-Defense
  • Self Discipline
  • Positive Learning Skills
  • Dexterity
  • Behaviour/Conduct
  • Confidence
  • Attention Span/Focus
  • Self Control
  • Motor Skills/Coordination
  • Listening Skills

Our Pre-School Martial Arts Program Facilitates an early ‘Jump Start’ in your child’s life. Our Tiny Tiger Program is recommended by pre-schools, Montessori schools, teachers & parents…. Contact Us Now for a Complimentary Class & Assessment!

“My son’s experience has been very positive, he often comes home with a sense of achievement and has shown a real interest in working to achieve his badges. We have all very much enjoyed the experience with Sirota’s Alchymy and would highly recommend it.”

“I would like to begin with a Thank You. Roneesha has truly enjoyed your martial arts program. She is truly eager to become a black belt someday. This has helped her with her balance and reflexes. I am very happy with your character development program where kids have an opportunity to focus on the skills and understand what each of them means. You have a great institution. I wish you all the best in the future.”

“Congratulations! You are a true gift to our community. I will always be grateful for the energy you put into teaching and supporting Tony. Thanks and continued success. I hope you will be there for families like ours for years to come.”
Vicki Warfield

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