The Youth at Sirota’s Alchymy are the future Leaders of our Society! We strongly believe and seen that teens who consistently attend martial arts classes become more confident and self-disciplined with a strong foundation of ethics and integrity that will inspire them to lead successful lives for decades to come.

Our goal is to instill empowering attributes in our teenage students so they can overcome various challenges that they face daily with negative peer pressure, bullying, low self-image and limited physical exercise.

Parents are thrilled knowing that their children are in a safe, encouraging and positive environment; training and learning while having fun and developing their martial arts skills. Instructors place great emphasis on our youth/adult classes on practical self-defense curriculum that provides our students the training to protect themselves if ever faced with harm and danger.

“Martial Arts has changed me into a person ready to take on the World”
Jeremy S. age 17

“Training at Sirota’s Alchymy helped me understand to work harder at anything I do in life… made my self-confidence skyrocket, and made me healthier. I would have started Taekwondo much earlier if I knew it can help me out as much.”
Aurel T. age 15

“Training at Sirota’s Alchymy has taught me skills to try my best and contribute to the World”
Keanna B. age 12

“Taekwondo has influenced my life that it gave me more perseverance‚ĶI have started getting better grades in school because I work harder now”
Lauren B.


Fitness with a Purpose

Sirota’s Alchymy is a blending of traditional and contemporary martial arts that offers you an effective self-defense program, as well as a means for overall fitness and flexibility, personal development and discipline that can lead to success in other areas of your life. Our Adult Martial Arts Program addresses the following:

  • Release Stress & Tension
  • Effective Self-Defense Training
  • Building a Healthy Body and a Positive Mind
  • Enhances Conditioning, Flexibility, Agility & Coordination
  • Aide in Weight Reduction, Increase Endurance & Lower Heart Rate
  • Develops Confidence, Self-Discipline & Leadership
  • Promotes Overall Well-Being in the Mind, Body & Heart
  • Positive social interaction
  • Energize your life in a fun and exciting way

More and more researchers and doctors are realizing the benefits of martial arts training for the ‘mature’ person that transcends beyond the immediate increase in fitness and health. With a dedicated routine of attending classes, you will have a great time learning new things, gaining insights into yourself and bettering your overall wellness and health.

“Master Sirota has created an excellent environment to learn Taekwondo and Hapkido that is supportive, engaging, and challenging whether you are an elementary school student or a parent, like me, trying to stay in shape and learn new skills.”
Mark Ellens

“Michael is a pioneer in his industry, a leader who makes a difference in the world. I have worked with Michael multiple times for over 10 years and I would strongly recommend him. I enjoy spending time with him, he makes you feel comfortable and his work ethic is second to none. The path he has taken over the past decade+ is as impressive as it is inspirational.”
Rob Banks

“Master Michael Sirota not only a great coach or a perfect guide on the path of martial arts who is proficient in wide variety of fighting/self-defending techniques and in teaching them. I’m glad to be one of his students.”
Pavel Trochtchanovitch

“Your far sighted direction has had a profound impact on a lot of people… me being one of them.”
Ken Thibault

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