“Michael Sirota has his pulse on the beat of emerging special needs through movement, focus and discipline. His students are earnest in their efforts to learn, grow, and bloom. His troupe performed in my show, The ART of AUTISM in Vancouver last Spring leaving not a dry eye in the house! BRAVO.”
Keri Bowers
Co-founder at The ART of AUTISM

“Very high quality teaching, especially for children and the disabled. We have found all aspects of his business to be excellent and progressive. We also find all the charitable events that he promotes to be excellent causes.”
Grant Berezan

“Michael is a pioneer in his industry, a leader who makes a difference in the world. I have worked with Michael multiple times for over 10 years and I would strongly recommend him. I enjoy spending time with him, he makes you feel comfortable and his work ethic is second to none. The path he has taken over the past decade+ is as impressive as it is inspirational.”
Rob Banks

“The way Master Sirota manages his classes are very impressive. Besides providing excellent coaching, the respectful and calm way he talks to each student has always made a big impression on me, irrespective of the behaviour of the student. He manages to maintain discipline with a very gentle approach yet with a clear understanding of the needs of each student. He is dedicated to his sport, to his students and to fundraising for the underprivileged. I sincerely recommend Master Sirota’s Alchymy to all who wish to pursue the sport of Tae Kwon Do, no matter what their physical capability.”
Laura Zitron

“Michael is a incredibly gifted teacher and innovator. His insight and patience in dealing with special-needs children is inspiring. He is always looking for ways to learn from his students. Therefore, his special-needs classes are constantly evolving. Excellent work! This man is a treasure to our community.”
Victoria Warfield

“Michael is a fabulous and excellent person because he supported the deaf and hard of hearing children for encouraging them in the taekwondo program. I observed the children who gave a lot of smile and enjoyed there. His staff learned a basic sign language to communicate the deaf and hard of hearing children during the program. I found him that he worked well with us.”
Roger Chan
Sign Language Specialist at BC Public Service

“Master Michael Sirota not only a great coach or a perfect guide on the path of martial arts who is proficient in wide variety of fighting/self-defending techniques and in teaching them. His great job in developing educational programs for special-needs people of different ages and promoting those programs internationally make a World-wide positive change. I’m glad to be one of his students.”
Pavel Trochtchanovitch

“Michael’s Taekwondo classes are an extraordinary blend of gentleness and inclusion and fierce competition. Adults, children, fully mobile and disabled all benefit from Michael’s unique teaching regimen.”
John Harris
Producer at Accessible Media Inc.

“Master Sirota has a gift for seeing the excellence in everyone, and provides a well run, and caring Martial Arts studio. His heart for children with Special Needs, is evident in all the work he has done.”
Victor Ewert

“Master Sirota has really filled a niche in my Son’s physical training. Using discipline and creativity to build self confidence, fitness, and a sense of accomplishment. Great program and flexible to work with.”
Ron Kinders

“Michael has been providing an extremely important service to individuals with disabilities in British Columbia for many years. He teaches a modified martial arts program to this population which is by no means an easy task. He is an unselfish dedicated teacher who is having a positive impact on the lives of so many. We are fortunate to indeed have individuals like Michael in our community who serve as inspirational leaders for us all.”
John Millard
Executive Director at Cheshire Homes Society of British Columbia

“Master Sirota has created an excellent environment to learn Taekwondo and Hapkido that is supportive, engaging, and challenging whether you are an elementary school student or a parent, like me, trying to stay in shape and learn new skills.”
Mark Ellens

“Michael Sirota has great vision and creativity. I am impressed with his paralympicinitatives in Taekwondo in Canada and within the World Taekwondo Federation. I hope that his programs for paralympic athletes are adopted world wide”
Dr. Terry DeFreitas
Sports Medicine Physician Taekwondo Canada

“Michael and his team at Sirota’s Alchymy have transformed the lives of the families I serve at the Developmental Disabilities Association. Through his kind, generous and thoughtful teachings his students have learnt how to be citizens of their community, while learning how to self regulate through their martial arts practice”.
Tina Pardiwala Advocate, Support Worker
Developmental Disabilities Association

“I am the parent of Michael van Houten who is a very quiet, shy, autistic 15 year old. I had heard of Sirota’s Alchymy several years ago and I knew that they had a Special Needs Program. Master Sirota suggested trying private lessons‚Ķthe classes were excellent. As time went on, Michael was looking forward to going to every class. Master Sirota was calm! Gentle but firm and I knew that he understood Michael and was very experienced. What struck me the most was that Master Sirota talked to and taught Michael like he was a great human being and didn’t assume anything about him being autistic. Thank you for your wonderful continued support Master Sirota and all the great, caring staff.”
Judy van Houten

“Master Sirota, on behalf of Taekwondo Canada congratulations on your well deserved induction into the Hall of Fame . You are truly an inspiration and credit to the art and sport of Taekwondo.”
Sean FitzGerald

“A sincere thanks to all of you for making JasXe’s 9th birthday a wonderful one. JasXe was quite excited to hold her birthday at your establishment. The talk of the party was about JasXe using a real sword to cut her birthday cake. She was the envy of many of her friends. I want to thank Mister Lloyd for taking his time to make the party enjoyable and energizing. He had the parents get involved in the party by joining in the “class”. I haven’t had a good workout like that in years. Mister Lloyd has a great repoire with everyone he encounters and shows much patience for the “loud” children. I recommend others to book a party with Sirota’s as the party is fun, you get a great workout, and you learn the basics of self defense. What more can a child or adult ask for? You can be sure that I will recommend parties there in future. JasXe will always remember this birthday for many years. Thank you.”
Tracy Marie Valentino Gallop

“You truly have a gift for improving both the local and global community!”
Accessible Media

“My son’s experience has been very positive, he often comes home with a sense of achievement and has shown a real interest in working to achieve his badges. We have all very much enjoyed the experience with Sirota’s Alchymy and would highly recommend it.”

“Your far sighted direction has had a profound impact on a lot of people… me being one of them.”
Ken Thibault

“As a father of a son born with Aspergers I can truly appreciate your good work.”
Master Daniel Witt – 6th Dan Black Belt

“Martial Arts has changed me into a person ready to take on the World”
Jeremy S. age 17

“I have learned self control of my temper. It gave me confidence. I feel happy because I have accomplished a dream. If I can do it, so can you!”
Student from our Special Needs Martial Arts Program

“Thank You Master Sirota for your guidance, inspiration and creative improvisation in creating martial arts classes for people who have disabilities.”
Vivian Garcia, B.C. Paraplegic Association

“Training at Sirota’s Alchymy helped me understand to work harder at anything I do in life… made my self-confidence skyrocket, and made me healthier. I would have started Taekwondo much earlier if I knew it can help me out as much.”
Aurel T. age 15

“Training at Sirota’s Alchymy has taught me skills to try my best and contribute to the World”
Keanna B. age 12

“I would like to begin with a Thank You. Roneesha has truly enjoyed your martial arts program. She is truly eager to become a black belt someday. This has helped her with her balance and reflexes. I am very happy with your character development program where kids have an opportunity to focus on the skills and understand what each of them means. You have a great institution. I wish you all the best in the future.”
Roneesha’s Mom

“Sirota’s Alchymy made me gain confidence in myself. Thanks to Master Sirota, I am not scared of challenges anymore”
Emma S. age 9

“With your skills in Taekwondo and dedication, the members of this community will be in good hand. Thank you very much for being a good ambassador of TKD and Taekwondo Canada.”
Master Su Hwan Chung
Secretary General, Taekwondo Canada

“We are so grateful to Sirota’s Alchymy for providing a welcoming and safe environment for our son as well as opportunities for him to challenge himself and grow. Attending classes at the Alchymy is about much more than learning Tae Kwon Do skills. It is also about developing self-confidence and determination to help him succeed in other avenues of his life. The Alchymy has also provided opportunities for students to become more socially aware of issues and needs not only in their own community but beyond as well. In addition, it is such a pleasure to see the friendships that have grown as a result of attending classes.”
Liz Komar (Mother)

“Congratulations! You are a true gift to our community. I will always be grateful for the energy you put into teaching and supporting Tony. Thanks and continued success. I hope you will be there for families like ours for years to come.”
Vicki Warfield (mother of a special needs child)

“I am very excited for you and Taekwondo, you’ve done a great job by moving your sport and access for athletes forward.”
Jane Samletzki
Executive Director
BC Disability Games

“Taekwondo has influenced my life that it gave me more perseverance‚ĶI have started getting better grades in school because I work harder now”
Lauren B. age 9

“Emily started a year ago at Sirota’s Alchymy and I am very happy with everything they are teaching her. She has private lessons with Mr. Vadim Korotchenko and he is patient, gentle yet firm and a excellent teacher. Emily just passed from white belt to orange belt. This is a much bigger accomplishment than you can imagine because Emily has Down’s Syndrome. I was so proud to see her manage her test in a group situation which is very hard for her. I love the things Vadim is teaching her and have brought many family and friends to watch and they all come away deeply impressed by what they see. My father said how wonderful Vadim is with Emily and he is amazed at what he sees Emily doing. Others have expressed similar positive views and are very supportive of the positive changes they have seen Emily undergo in this last year. Thank you to Vadim and to The Alchymy, you do wonderful things, and we look forward to another year of progress.”

“Michael is a dedicated professional ,who is committed to the development of taekwondo for all. He has developed Special needs and Para programs to create an all inclusive training environment for his students regardless of Mental or physical ability.We can learn a lot from him.”
Mr. Martin Fleming, President – Irish Taekwondo Union

“Doing martial arts at Sirota’s Alchymy has been a very positive experience for my son. We had done martial arts somewhere else previously and the quality of teaching was not nearly as good. I have found that each and every staff member at Sirota’s Alchymy shares Master Sirota’s sense of being fully present for the children in the class. They are respectful, compassionate, encouraging and really bring out the best in all the children in the class. I love that the classes are good exercise, confidence building, self defense and character development all rolled into one. My son only wishes we had gotten started at Sirota’s sooner! Thank you!
David’s mom

“Michael Sirota has long term great dedication to the development and advancement of Para-Taekwondo as a Paralympic sport at local, regional and international levels.”
Dr. Jag Maharaj, IPC International Classifier

“There are few people with a passion for their industry like Michael. I have always been impressed with his loyalty and commitment to making lives better for persons with disability. He is truly an inspiration”
Prof. David Legg, Past President – Canadian Paralympic Committee

“My son began attending martial arts summer camp for Special Needs at Sirota’s Alchymy in 2011. He was very happy and we continued until spring 2012.. It was pleasant to have my Down Syndrome son interested and participating in a group activity. He learned many things and made himself proud. I am very grateful to Master Sirota and his staff for providing quality instruction. This was a terrific opportunity for my son. It might be true that there are no alternatives in Vancouver but I wouldn’t have wanted any.”
Tina Cruise

“Michael has a passion in promoting Martial Arts to people with disabilities. Michael demonstrates great understanding and empathy to children with special needs and people with disabilities; he empowers them to gain confidence and to appreciate self control.”
Ella Huang, ED, Richmond Centre for Disability

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